RK S 32 Ford High Boy Roadster

Cruisin' In My Boss/Friend's '32 Ford High Boy Roadster

A freshman in high school, with no car, I used to frequent our local market and peruse Hot Rod and Car Craft Magazines, and build model cars. One day after school when my friends and I were playing baseball at the park across from my house, I couldn't help but notice (and hear) the black and flamed '32 Ford fenderless roadster drive by, turn down the school's street, and pull-in to the driveway. A couple days later, I saw the '32 again, at the same house, so I walked up to check out the flamed beauty, and met owner Tom McMullen. We became good friends, and I also started working for him in his garage, making wiring kits for his AEE (Auto Electric Engineering) company, and helped him wash and detail the '32. When summer came, he took me on his photo shoots, and visited a few car magazine companies to drop-off his freelance photos, often times in the high boy roadster. Was I in heaven....cruising in McMullen's awesome, blown smallblock Chevy powered hot rod. Which by the way, made the cover of Hot Rod, as well as a few albumn covers. Onlookers could not get enough of Tom's ride. We had fun times with it, and I will never forget those roadtrips we took, whether in the roadster, or his "Chevy Two" Austin with twin smallblocks! I am very pleased to have been a part of Tom's then-and-still-famous '32!

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