Matt H

Coincidental Encounter

My story is about the sell of my beloved BMW 2002 (Olivia). The photo is from the "2009 Octoberfest" which is an annual gathering of the BMW Car Club members. I attended the event that year in Georgia and entered my 2002 in the Concours. This was in the fall of 2009. In the spring of 2010, I decided I would try to sell Olivia, so I advertised in the club magazine and got a call from a lady from Florida that was very interested in buying my 2002. We got to talking and I told her the picture in the ad was from the previous year's Octoberfest Concours and she mentioned she had driven up from Florida and had also entered her car in the concours that year. After further discussing where we were positioned for the event, we discovered the she was parked right behind me among the other 300+ cars! (green BMW Z3 roadster) She wound up driving up approximately 700 miles the next day and purchased my Olivia. I AM STILL KICKING MYSELF FOR SELLING HER! :(

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