Brian C Ford country squire

Classic memories

I bought this 1968 Ford Country Squire because it brought back the memories of my child hood. The hole family loading up the car. Packed cooler a ball a frisbee and three happy kids. Off to the drive in theater! The fight is on for the far back rumble seats!! Once we arrive time to dock the big boat, of corse it is backed in. Time for us kids to race up in front of the big screen and throw around. While mom and dad put down the third row spread out the blankets and set up the lawn chairs in front of the wagon. Just before the movie starts we run back get in the wagon lay down on our bellies mom gives us all a snake and soda in glass bottle. We enjoy most of the movie until we all fall asleep. Then in morning helping dad go clean up the wagon. To get ready for a nice long Sunday cruse with a stop for a treat at the local root beer stand! After the ride home I remember telling dad thanks for the great weekend. And asking can we do it again next week? Now my family enjoys loading the car going to local cruse in or Ice cream. I love this car!!!

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