FirstBob B 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 2dr Convertible

Classic Owners look out for each other

My wife and I recently relocated across the country moving from Alberta to New Brunswick where we decided to retire. It was our first cruise with our 67 Galaxie Convertable after having it delivered from Alberta. We were on our way back from Moncton to our new home in Cap Pele when I blew a tire on the very busy highway 15. I was pulled over to the side of the road about to change the tire when a 1963 Chev. pulled up behind me. The couple enquired if we needed help and assisted us in changing the tire. They were of course Acadian but their english was excellent. Low and behold we found out they lived just a few kilometers from us and now we have new friends who have provide tons of information on the classic car shows in the area as well as the best spots to cruise, etc. What a wonderful way to be greeted to the community. We have met lots of wonderful folks from the Acadian community .

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