Alan S 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible

Cat calls while driving the GTO

When it comes to my 1967 GTO, there are two things I enjoy the most. First is top down driving on a nice sunny day with the person I love beside me, second is sharing it with others and seeing their excitement while hearing their memories and making their day.

On one of those sunny days, a friend and his kids (no, he's not the love of my life, she'd stayed home that day) while on our way to a classic car poker run around Mt. Rainier in Washington state, heard a "cat call" from a car that pulled up beside us.

We were driving on a 4 lane in town, this car pulls up on our right and we hear a female voice yell "Hey, I love your car!" which of course got our attention ;-). The gal then yelled ...

"I lost my virginity in a car like yours!"

Her face was glowing, obviously a very exciting memory for her. At first we were stumped for a reply and all one of us could think to say was "really?" Then she told us that her stiletto had poked a hole in the headliner but her lover didn't seem to care at the moment. That must have lightened up the moment because my friend feeling a little cocky replied "you wanna relive that memory? No headliner to worry about LoL" She just laughed and said only if she could borrow the car for her and her husband.

The next voice we heard came from my back seat ......"Dad, what's a virginity?" Guess my friend forgot they were back there LoL

It's true "Pontiac built EXCITEMENT" ;-)

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