Jason C 1953 Ford F-100

Carrying on the Tradition.

My Dad was an old Hot Rodder and I grew up around hot rods my whole life. Some of my first pics are in his 39 Ford Deluxe Sedan and in the Rumble Seat of his 31 Model. We were at car shows every weekend in Ohio from Spring to Fall and Cruse Ins all the time.

When I was a Sophomore in High School, he got a 53 Ford F-100 pick-up. He had always wanted one, but never found the "right" one. A friend of his had one up for sale with a 73 Vette 350, big cam, Vega torque converter, 2500 stall...all black, with flames up the front and he bought it. I used to drive it to school on occasion and impress all my friends.

He bought it done, but it was done poorly. My brother was a life long body man and was amazing. About 5-6 years back, my Dad had my brother and nephew, paint the truck and they lowered it, put the old school white walls on it and my brother actually remade the entire bed(minus the fenders) from sheet steel by hand. He rolled the top, just like the original and rhino lined it.

In 2011, I got a call that my brother had past. 4 months later, my Dad did too. My sister and I made a pact that the cars would not leave the family and she took his 39 Ford Deluxe Streed Rod and I took the truck.

Nothing worse that not having my parents and brother, than my son not getting to know them and how amazing they were, but at least we have this for him to remember them by. My son loved my Dad so much and misses him dearly, so he always ask;

"Can we go for a ride in Grandpa's truck?"

Of to which I always say, "Of course buddy, let me warm it up.".

R.I.P J.H. Kittel Crawford Sr. and J.H. Kittel Crawford Jr.

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