Gwen B 1955 Chevy Truck

Car show

One Saturday my friend stopped by and said did you know there is a carshow across the street, he suggested I should enter my newly restored 1955 Chevy truck. I was in my pajamas and it was almost the deadline time for entering the show. I got ready got the truck ready but did not have enough time to call my husband at work to let him know where I was going. when I got to the show it was a couple of minutes past the deadline, so the club voted and let me enter. As I pulled into the show a mass of people surrounded my truck I had to stop and wait for them to let me move. They seemed very impressed that the truck was owned and built by a woman. I enjoyed the show and answered tons of questions for on lookers, it was a really fun day and I won best truck and best of show. So when my husband got home from work that night I had the trophies sitting in front of the TV. When he saw them his mouth dropped open then he hugged and congratulated me then scolded me a little for not telling him where I was. It was a great day.

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