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Buy something that will be worth something someday...

I was 16 in 1982, and had to get a car! I wanted something cool with power ASAP. I drug my dad to look at a few around our small town in western Kansas, and he said "you should be looking for a car that might be worth something someday, like a mustang."

So dad and I drove to Denver (3.5 hours) 3 different weekends looking for the perfect car. I would collect adds from Denver newspapers and when we had 4-5 to look at we would make the trip. The second trip we found a 66 coupe that was very straight, but needed paint and an overhaul. One of my best friends in high school had a 67 fastback barracuda, and told me I should get a fastback mustang (which I had never seen before), so I wanted to keep looking. The third trip my dad had full intention of us buying the 66 coupe, but we needed to stop and look at a 67 fastback I had found first. That was the car! Not as straight of a body, but it ran good, plus it was love at first sight! Needless to say, I drove it home, and luckily I still drive it today!

This was just the first story of many, and more to come that I get to enjoy with my car. A BIG thank you goes out to my Dad and friend. My dad's wisdom, and my friend that said the word "fastback"!

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