Tiffany C

Burning tires with Dad

Growing up my family owned the 2nd oldest Chevrolet Dealership in the world, Bell Motor Company, and one day my father went to an older gentleman's home to drop off his vehicle after repairing it because he didn't have anyone to drop him off at the shop to pick up the vehicle. When my father dropped off the vehicle he discovered that in this gentleman's garage was a mint condition '69 Camaro; midnight blue with white interior, white racing stripes, and a race engine. The owner gave my dad a great price and that same afternoon my father drove home with the car, which we kept and enjoyed for 10 years prior to my father reselling the car. One fond memory I have was a summer evening leaving work and riding home with my dad. Some guys in their early 20's were spinning tires in a Mustang when dad and I pulled up. My father was slowly driving by the guys when they started to heckle him...Mustang vs. Camaro...tale as old as time. So my dad began to spin tires and rev the engine to tune the guys out and then we took off down the alley. I remember watching their jaws drop as the dust settled and thinking man I have the coolest dad ever.

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