Martin L 1941 Oldsmobile Special Series 66 2dr Club Coupe

Building a 1941 Olds Coupe StreetRod

The Year was 1969. My Dad was building a 1941 Olds Custom Street Rod for me. I was only 15 at the time and I would have my Drivers License in a few months. The car was bought as a roller out of a Junk Yard for $20. All the custom body work got done and a Gold Metal Flake paint job put on it with a Brown Spray on Vinal Top, rear windows filled in with "S Irons" put on the sides and it was time to install the motor. A 1957 Caddy motor and Transmission was installed. When it was time to crank it up we decided to take it into the field behind the house to test drive it at the time. Now imagine the freshly painted car, with no interior or chrome put back on yet, including door handles. We took 2 milk crates, set the on the floor for seats and went on the maidin drive. It was running so good my Father decided to start doing some left hand donuts in the field. I flew to the right hitting the door, knocking it open. I grabbed the door at the window hanging on as it was flopping open and closed with my feet dragging the ground before he discovered I had fallen out and was hanging on. Once he saw that; the donuts stopped and the car taken back to the Garage. Tennis Shows did not do a whole lot of good for my feet were pretty scraped up. The car was not driven any more until seats were installed and door handles put back on. I had many years of fun in that car until it was sold. Wish I had it back. I have no Idea where it went or if it is still around. If it could ever be found, I would try to buy it back.

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