Daniel B 1966 Chevrolet Caprice 2dr Coupe

Brotherly Love

A few years ago I traded a 1996 Harley Davidson UltraClassic Electraglide for a 1966 Chevrolet Caprice, initially I thought it was in good shape until I had the chance to get under the car and start looking more closely. The car needless to say turned out to need just about everything. There's where the project/journey between my twin brother and I started. You see the first car we had from our father, who has since past away was a 1965 Impala and the Caprice was a similar vehicle that brought back memories of riding in the Impala with our father in the country or out in the mountains where he would let us drive even before we had our permits or licenses. My brother and I are both disabled and suffer in great pain but we would work at a slow pace and get as much done as possible until we needed to quit due to our pain being too severe to continue. We are both in our 50's and can't go on for hours and hours like we used to do. The engine was changed to a SBC 400 and there was a TH-400 transmission already in the car. Both quarter panels needed to be replaced along with the top of the driver's side quarter panel needed to be rebuilt as it appeared something fell on it and collapsed it downward. All body mounts, body braces, trunk pans, front end parts, except for the upper and lower control arms were all replaced. Someone previously put very thick bondo on the car and used some other material to try and hide what was wrong with the vehicle. We converted the front brakes to discs from drums and there were actually 3 original ball joints still on the vehicle that were eventually replaced. There is so much to list I could go on and on. All the work, mechanical, bodywork and painting was all done by my brother and I which not only reminded us of dad's 65 Impala but this was "OUR" project which helped us grow closer together as well as remind us of the days when we could only do minor work on vehicles, but we did our best because our family was near poor and anyway we could save money we had to do it, just as we did our best on this project of Brotherly Love. Recently I had a head gasket leaking and once again our brotherly love came together to work on the engine and do additional work such as a polished high rise intake and a Demon carb. I have invested a lot of money into the vehicle but more than that I got to spend great quality time with my brother. As stated earlier, we suffered in a great deal of pain but our love of each other and of cars made this restoration well worth while. We can be proud that we didn't require any professional help, we used good ole shade tree mechanics. Family is very important and any time you get a chance to be together or work on projects such as this together, do it so you don't ever have to look back and say "What if?" or "I miss".

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