Philip W 1966 Triumph TR4A 2dr Convertible

Bound for the Columbus Zoo

I owned a 1966 Triumph TR4A convertible. I had recently purchased it and we had two small children, a boy and girl. We decided to go to the Columbus, Ohio zoo one Saturday. We packed everything and everyone up and headed out. It was a beautiful fall day, the top was down, the wind blowing in our hair. We took the back roads instead of the interstate, because we loved the small towns and the scenery.

We had a great day in the zoo, enjoying both the animals and our children. We had a picnic lunch, eventually got ready to head back. One of the reasons we bought the TR4A was the amount of room behind the seats, where our children could ride. It was getting chilly in the evening, so we put the top up and turned on the heat. The TR4A had a great heater!!

About ten miles into the fifty or so mile trip, we smelled exhaust fumes really bad inside the car. I stopped to investigate and found the exhaust manifold had cracked. There was no way to repair it out on the road. It was too strong to drive the way it was, our eyes were watering, and we had trouble breathing. With two little children in the car, we had to do something to get home.

We put the top back down and found a blanket in the trunk to wrap the children in. My wife and I hunkered down in our seats as far as we could and turned the heat up full.

We rode the next 40 - 50 miles that way, freezing, laughing, and generally having a great time. Periodically we would unwind the blanket to check on the children, who were having a great time, by the way. It was a trip to remember!!

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