Ralph B 1904 Fiat rear toneau touring

Best tour day ever!

In august of 1977 it was the first day of the Malahat run for cars 1915 and older from Victoria to Nanaimo British Columbia, Canada. The day before we drove My Dad's 1904 Fiat from Mercer Island to Seattle and put it on to the SS Princess Margarite in Seattle and rode her to Victoria. We awoke in the morning to bright sun shine and a news crew filming the tour. As we got ready to go one bystander said the cars fenders looked like it would fly if it went too fast. I assured him it would not. As I cranked the car for my Dad the film crew asked me if my Dads car would make it " yes of course" I said as I cranked it over. I started like a swiss watch. My dad restored the car from a derelict 10 years earlier.

Off we went parading through down town Victoria with the rest of the cars on the Tour. As we worked our way north and started our climb up the Malahat we were passed occasionally by Rolls Royce's and Bentleys but we held our own with the 440 cubic inch 4 cylinder motor purring along with the drive chains whirring. Up over the top and down the other side. Lunch stop was at the Cowichen Bay Logging Museum near Duncan. A we arrived we were directed to the perimeter road of the parade grounds. Just outside of the perimeter road was a narrow Gauge steam train that ran around the park. On the lawn of the parade grounds was a large gathering of Roll's and Bentley's. Unbeknownst to us the Rolls and Bentley club was on a tour also. It was a historians dream! Brass era cars, Rolls and Bentleys and railroad and homestead collections all in one place. After a pleasant lunch we were off to Nanaimo.

At dinner that night my Dad received the winners trophy which was given to the oldest car to complete the trip and everyone was amazed at how effortlessly the car performed over the hill. My Dad still has the car and it still runs like a top doing 70 plus any day of the week.

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