Richard K 1970 Dodge Challenger SE 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Best Thanksgiving Ever (2004)

Having spent most of my childhood growing up in an Auto wash and detailing center owned by my late father, I found a love and passion for the cars of the 50's and 60's. I knew one day I would own a great car and decided after many years of saving, my choice would be a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. It was the spring that year I graduated from high school and decided it was time to make my "Dream Car" purchase a reality. I wasn't even 18 but was ready to own my muscle car and couldn't wait to get behind the wheel. The dealership had several in stock and the purchase was just about completed when I discovered that being a minor with a big block "440" engine the insurance rates were astronomical to say the least. Even "off the chart" as one insurance agent had stated. I had to pass on the car I had longed to own and settled for something with much less horse power that qualified for affordable insurance. After 34 years of working in the automotive steel industry, and raising two families, I started making plans to retire. As a retirement gift to myself I decided to start looking for the elusive car of my dreams a "70" Challenger. After following many leads and newspaper ads, even a few flights down south, all the cars for sale just didn't meet the standards of what I wanted to own. I even built a three car garage that summer knowing it would have a great place to be kept someday. Fall was ending and I knew it wouldn't be long before winter and the snow would be here. I said "well maybe next spring I'll find my dream ride". Trying to cheer up the at my Thanksgiving table my youngest daughter's friend then said to me that her neighbor just a mile away had an old Dodge in storage in his garage. In almost disbelief she gave me the phone number of her friends, who's father had the old car. I called and he gave me the details of a 1970 Challenger that had been brought up from Georgia many years ago. I had nothing to lose and decided to see what could be worked out because the car wasn't even for sale. Upon arriving the following day only 10 minutes from my house, we took the car cover off and I just about fell over. It was an original R/T in pretty good shape with no rust! There it was, the car I longed to own since my high school days. The deal was done because he hadn't the time or money to restore it back to it's former glory. After the long winter in it's new home and a lot of work, I completed my restoration project. It was now spring and I appeared at the shows and cruises in my restored Muscle car winning several awards. I have met so many nice people these past 10 years and the best part is, the auto insurance is very affordable now (46 years and a perfect driving record). I'm "back on the chart" being a classic car owner insured by your company Haggerty. Thanks for helping me complete my venture on this quest, I still smile every time I think about that Thanksgiving dinner back in 2004.... Richard K.

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