jackie p 1973 Mercury Cougar XR-7 2dr Convertible

Best Surprise Gift Ever

When I married my Husband in 1966 he had a lovely new Comet convertible. After more than 100,000 miles, he decided to trade it in for a new Mercury hardtop. I missed my (his) convertible, but two little boys just didn't lend themselves to another convertible.

We moved from L.A. to San Francisco Bay Area in 1972. Nice weather almost always, and I really pinned for my missing convertible. (I had a convertible when we married). I drove a new Comet we had just purchased (two door, safe for the boys).

One beautiful, warm evening in 1973, my Husband said we needed to drive to the dealership to check something on the Comet. When we arrived, I saw a beautiful, new Cougar convertible (top down) sitting in the lot. My Husband went inside while I sat and admired that beautiful Cougar. When he came out, he had a salesman we knew with him. He walked over and handed me a set of car keys. I asked what they were for. My Husband (who had a great, sparkly smile and laughing blue eyes) said "they're to test drive that convertible". I said "I never drive anyone's car except our own for fear of having an accident and damaging it". He insisted I take it for a spin. I took a very short drive and when I returned to the parking lot, my Husband said "Now take it home, it's all yours". Imagine my surprise and JOY.

Even though I have lost my Husband and miss him every day, I still have that beautiful Cougar convertible and think of him and his surprise (many more to come) every time I drive that car or just go through the garage and see it. It is the SECOND love of my life.

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