Scott C

Best Gift Ever!

One Christmas, while we were opening our presents, our friend, Cheryl, knocked on our door and said excitedly, “I have a special Christmas present for Diane (my wife), but she has to come with me!” Diane left without question, and we momentarily put our gift opening on hold. We were looking at the gifts we’d already opened when I heard something rumbling into our driveway. When I went to the door to look, I saw a black, 1957 Chevy Belair hardtop, with a big white bow on the windshield and Diane behind the wheel. She was delivering my Christmas present. I was just about speechless. I’ve wanted a ’55, ’56, or ’57 Chevrolet for many years. If ever we looked at one for sale, I would always find myself repeating the same three things, it costs too much, I can wait, and, I don’t really need it. Diane had decided to surprise me with a car. Her dad spotted this one for sale; she bought it and had some work done on it, and hid it at a friend’s house for months until she gave it to me Christmas morning. It’s fun to drive; heads turn, people smile and wave…. It’s like being in a parade wherever I go.

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