Doug D 1959 Chevrolet Series 3100 Apache 2dr Stepside Pickup

Bad ass

I got a glimpse of my first 59 Apache when I was a teenager in Delaware. I always thought that those dual headlights were the meanest looking truck that Chevrolet made. I looked high and low to find a deal on one so I could drive around in one badass truck. Finally I had a little money to spend on a project so I went to a friends house who had a bright yellow 58 Chevy truck. We couldn't come to a deal so I set out to find another one. Finally I located a 59 Apache in Maryland and made a deal to get it for $5000. When I got this home I first took it down the road and right away knew that the six wouldn't cut it. A few days later I had it up on stands and fired up the plasma cutter. I cut out the frame in the front and fitted in a 75 Camaro subframe that I had laying around, dropped in a 350 that was worked up, and we were on our way to this badass truck. Five years later, it is on the road and I am happy about it. Of course the five grand turned in to fifteen and it still needs more goodies. Sound familiar?

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