Allen B 1965 F350 Wrecker

Back In The Day

Back in the day Dad and I shared many good memories in this old truck. He bought in 1966 with less than 10,000 miles with a flat bed. He toke it off and HE made the wrecker bed and installed a 20 ton Tulsa winch. I have seen this truck pull tractors combines dozers and on and on. He pulled stuff that wreckers twice its size could not pull but he new how to use it and always used a block or two to move stuff. With a 352 cid engine and 513 rear end he even moved house trailers before double wides were made. 12ft wide were the biggest ones he ever moved. He sold the truck a few years before he passed away(10-20-2000) and I managed to get it back after that and restore it. I just wish we could ride again together in it. I am sure that we will!!!!!!! 2 of the photos that are posted are He and I in about 1980 the year I graduated from high school and the other is one after I restored it.

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