Barbara T 1968 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe


We owned a 1967 Mustang that my husband sold because I wanted to start my own business and needed the capital to do that. He loved that car so it touched me deeply that he would do that for me. I promised him one day I would replace it for him. Two years later I found a 1968 Mustang and since we were married in 1968 I loved the idea of having one from that year. I bought a big bow and put it on the hood. Then I backed it onto the driveway so it would be facing the street when my husband got home from work. He was absolutely shocked and thrilled. The only time I saw him more excited and beaming from ear to ear was the day our son was born. A few days later we went dancing and drove the Mustang. Since we stayed out until after 2:00 AM we decided to have an early breakfast. When we drove up there were several young men in the parking lot who kept looking and admiring the car. I told my husband "give them a thrill honey" so he revved the engine to let them hear it rumble. They loved it. That was the first of many occasions the car has been admired. When we drive it people always take a second look and when we go to the gas station someone always asks for the year and ask to look at it. He beams and enjoys the attention the car gets. He always lets them know the car came off the assembly line the year we were married and that makes it special to him. His love for me in selling the other Mustang will always be a special memory in my heart.

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