Doyce L 1935 Ford Model 48 Deluxe 2dr Coupe, 5-Window

At a glance

I bought my 1935 Ford coupe in 1960 when a junior in high school from the original owner. I still have it 54 years later. My fondest memory is one evening when still in high school my buddy and I were out cruising around and decided to go over to a house where some girls from our school were having a slumber party. After getting there we were invited to stay for games and activities which we did. When leaving a couple of the girls followed us out to my 35 and were standing next to my driver side door talking. I was starting up the engine ready to pull away. As I looked out my side window over my left shoulder, I caught a look from one of the girls. That split second look and eye contact has been emblazoned into my memory since that night. I joined the Navy after high school graduation returning home after my enlistment looked up that fellow girl classmate who was still single and just finishing college. We dated for awhile then married, going on 48 years. That image of seeing her when looking out the window is as if it had taken place last night. p.s. She had never ridden in the 35 until I got it back on the road in 2012 after I had rebuilt and resto rodded it. I always remind her that I have had my car longer than I have had her.

: > ) Happy Memories..

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