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Anything To Make My Car Go Faster!! - A True Love Story

As a teenager, I was handed down my sisters '66 Chevelle, with a powerglide. I put in a built 327 motor and a 4 speed...I used to run it at Lions Drag Strip every Wednesday and Sundays. My Saturday nights were spent in the garage getting my plugs gapped, slicks loaded in the trunk, tools prepared for the 40 mile trek to the drag strip...taking the streets all the way there since I ran 4.88's gears.

Working part time on weekends, every penny I made went into that make it faster...looks and appearance were no concern to me. People would ask why not get mag wheels or something and my standard response would be "Will it make me go faster?" That became a joke among my friends as they know that I wanted to go fast.

I'm now Medicare age and my best memories occured between the age of 16 and, racing, girls and no responsibilities to speak of. I had to sell my car when I entered the Army...wish I still had it now.

This is what I call a true love story!!

And to my girlfriend at the time....I apologize for taking $1500 out of your bank account and taking about 10 years to repay it.....but I did need my engine rebuilt with higher compression pistons.

I ran mid 12's in the 1/4 mile which isn't considered astonishing these days but back then it was considered fast for a street machine.

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