Phil S 1988 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

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I love classics and especially the 60's when I was a starry eyed youngster .My older brother and his friends had their Mustangs, Camaros ,Corvettes,& Mopars. Even pickups and vans were all the rage, so earning a few dimes washing their rides gave me the bug bad.Chevys were my favorite, much to my Ford loving families distaste . The ponies caught my favor early on as a big block ,lightweight, fast cars blew the doors off the family trucksters and got the girl everyone wanted! Then I made the mistake of admiring a copo, calling it a tang. This put me walking as I watched my bros fastback roar out of sight. I settled on 60 to 69 Vettes for their style and performance. It was unfulfilled love as they were always out of my reach and budget .i had never even considered any other model years as ugly or lacking. Years later my bud who wanted just any Vette still had not made it happen.My wife's friend at work turned us on to a chance to buy a later Vette that became available as her kids boyfriend abandoned it on the carport. She wanted the space and knew we had interest.Lucky us! We had first dibs! So I got him in tow went to see .The 88 had all great options and was neglected but in great shape. The price was reasonable and we could drive it home! My bud is a henpecked fool who still wouldn't pull the trigger! So I did! A few parts replaced,historical tags, and Hagerty insurance later the 88 Vette is my favorite Sunday ride! Poor buddy still trying to buy it!

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