Tom L 1953 Chevrolet 210 2dr Sedan

Abigail, My 53 Chevy 210 2 Dr Sedan

Abigail, my 53 Chevy came to me last fall by way of SC, through Atlanta for a nice body on restore.

She's a stock 53 2Dr Sedan with a 235 6L, 3 speed, restored back to original paint, interior

& trunk.

Just added a Vintage Air Mark VI A/C under dash unit for the Texas summer.

Not many frills, just how I like it. Great cruiser, 57,000 current miles, 3 " BFG WW tires.

Nicely done chrome with original skirt package. India Ivory & Saddle Brown shimmers at dusk, offset by a stunning chrome package.

Drive every day if not raining.

Wanted a 2 tone mid-50's since HS in 1968. College, work, marriage & kids delayed my quest for about 40 years. Retirement freed me up to look for her. Last fall I found her on the Web, talked to the Atlanta based Restorer for a few weeks, purchased her & shipped her in to Houston.

Been driving her almost daily since, cruising the back roads of NW Houston & going to Car Meets like Nifty Fifties every Saturday night.

Great fun.

Tom Litchhult, Houston Tx


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