Russ P 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2dr Coupe

A trip to the strip, or is it.

On a cool friday night, my wife and I decided it was a birthday surprise for our soon to be 17 yr old son. We took him to Mokan dragway to watch the drag races for the first time in his young life. We had made our way over and the wife and kids were at the concesion stand as my best friend pulled into the lot with my monte carlo on the trailer and nonchelantly he rolls down the window, and asks "you reckon we can find a driver to make a few passes in this gellapy?" My son didnt initially realize who and what had just happened, however his instant grin popped up on his face and he then knew his trip to watch the races was now his first ever opportunity make legitimit 100 plus mph passes down the track. We eventually registered at the tower and got our car ready, I made a pass down the track with him as a passenger and got his nerves calmed a bit, and then we traded places. His first ever pass was a 14.6 @ 100.05 mph and we now have a monster on our hands, he wants to be everything and all things drag racing. That is my favorite memory of owning my classic car, being able to share it and pass down the fun that comes with owning one to my children. My twin daughters were there that night, and immediately said "i wanna do that for my birthday too". It warms my heart to know that my kids want to continue that tradition.

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