Ken S

A summer afternoon in 1972

I was driving from Flint, Michigan where I went to college to Wisconsin Rapids , Wisconsin my home town. During the summer months I took the northern route through the Upper Peninsula to avoid Chicago. I was on US 2 which hadf very little traffic and even fewer policemen so I wouod travel somewhat faster than was advised. Halfway between Manistiquie and Escanaba it felt like I ran over a big stone, just like a caster on a grocery cart. The feeling went away, but about 4 miles later my left front wheel stopped turning. I pulled off onto the shoulder and saw smoke coming out of the wheel. The wheel bearing had frozen and spun welded the inner race to the spindle. I was able to hitch a ride into town and find an auto parts store that was open. After hitching another ride back to my car, I proceeded to reinstall the new bearing. With only a hacksaw, a hammer and a chisel I spent the next four hours cutting the inner race off of the spindle. No easy task as the race is made of very hard steel. Besides being very warm, the mosquitoes looked like small birds .

This story is still very visible in my mind. Not pleasant but memorable.

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