Scott A 1970 Chrysler Newport 2dr Convertible

A ride in a Ragtop Caddy

When I was growing up my Dad's Boss owned a '65 Cadillac Convertible. It's been so long ago that I do not remember what exact model it was; all I remember is I wanted to drive it - with the top down! It was red with white leather interior. I loved it since the first day I set eyes on it, and that was when I was 7.

Every year the Company had a picnic in Elk Grove Park, just south of Sacramento where grew up. I enjoyed going every year with my family, but the summer I turned 16 I was more than just a family member at the picnic, I was an employee! As such I had the pleasure of driving many vehicles: 5-ton Bobtail Trucks, the forklift, an assortment of delivery cars such as a '73 Toyota Corona Mk II, two '73 Chevy Nova hatchbacks, a '71 Oldsmobile Toronado (loved that one!), and an assortment of the cars and trucks the men owned; they met me drive around after work even when was 15. I will always remember the pleasure of driving all of those different and varied vehicles. Even the large trucks for each was a different make with varied motors sizes and transmissions. I had a ball. But I still had not been allowed to drive the Caddy!

Then came the picnic!

The Boss and Owner's wife called me to her; she had a set of keys in her hand. She said, "Scotty, I left my beans on my kitchen table at home; I'd like you to go get them ad bring them here." With anticipation I asked, "Which car will I be driving?" "The Cadillac." Me, "Is the top down?" When she said yes, I grabbed the keys for her hand and sprinted towards the parking lot! I stopped long enough to ask my (older) Sister if she'd like to go along. When I told her what car she jumped up! We got to the car when my Sis asked, "Where are we going?"

When I returned to the picnic area Adele was still standing in the exact same place with her house keys in her hand. She said, "I knew you'd be returning, just didn't know when." With some embarrassment I ran back to the Cad and my Sister, climbed behind the wheel, adjust the seat to the way I liked it, and had the best drive of my life! To this day, I remember with happiness that drive more than any other, and I've had the pleasure of driving some sweet cars.

The other day I was letting a friend drive my '70 Newport ragtop. He said to me, "I've never driven a car this huge, although my dad had a '65 Caddy convertible." "Really," said I, "I drove one once!" I the told him this very same story!

Rev. Scott Allred, Chico CA, owner of a 1970 Chrysler Newport Convertible. Not a Caddy but just as big!

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