James B

A night at the Movies

My father’s brother was killed while working. He ran heavy equipment. His son John came and lived with us for a while after that. John was about 10 years older than me. When he got his driver’s license he had the coolest car a 1967 Chevelle SS Red with black bucket seats and a 4 speed and man it felt like it would fly. I would set in the back seat and it just glued me back. To me he could drive anything. One night he took my mother and I to the movies in that car and after that I was hooked I knew I had to have one someday, I remember I did not wanted to get out of that car. It funny how pictures or events just stay with you that mean something. I can see that car just like it was yesterday. My mom before she past talked about how much I loved that car. Well I ‘m 56 and I have my 67 Chevelle it been about 7 months and I still working on it, but hope to have it finished by August. The wife says it a brand new 2014 67 Chevelle. As soon as I can get it done I’m going to take John for a ride.

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