Raymond M 1965 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

A night Ill never forget

in 1966 I was stationed at auxillary field 3, Eglin AFB Florida. I was returning from a three day pass at my home in Tampa Florida, driving on a deserted stretch of highway 90 in the panhandle of florida. It was early in the morning around 1 or 2 oclock. it was foggy and dark and the highway was truly deserted. I was running dangerously low on gas and had not seen an open gas station or any sign of civilization for many miles. I was somewhat familiar with this stretch of road and I knew there were no gas station in this part of the panhandle much less one that would be open at this early hour.My 65 corvette with 327ci 365hp would get 20 mpg on the highway all day long. Suddenly from out of nowhere I spotted a dim light and a gas pump sign. I pulled in to a plain warehouse looking building and went inside. . I couldnt believe my eyes. inside the building was a collection of antique cars suitable for any museum. One of the first Electric Cars with the tall cab a steering stick instead of a wheel A Stanley Steamer, An old jaguar, an MGTD some model t's and model a's the most amazing collection of cars Id ever come across. I filled my tank and made my way back to base . A few days later I decided to go back during the day and spend some time visiting this unique find. I must have driven up and down hwy 90 in that area trying to find that gas station 50 times but never found it again. It seemed to have materialize out of the foggy night at the perfect moment and vanished just as mysteriously. This sounds like a fabricated story but if the station had not been there I would have been out of gas and stranded in a very deserted stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere.

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