Jim P

A first love found after 40 years

Sitting in my first hour government class in the fall of 1969, I found myself staring at the most amazing sight I have ever seen....my dream girl. She was so beautiful, so poised, so desireable..and a body like no other I had ever seen. As a young man at that moment I wanted her more than anything, but knew she was way out of my league. Despite my longing for her, she would never be mine, we would not be seen together, other boys would not have that look of jealousy as we went by.

Then my teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said "That does not look like your textbook" and made me put away the newly published Chevelle sales brochure, the one with a Cranberry Red Chevelle SS on the cover.

I never did forget that Chevelle, or stop wanting her. 40 years later my teenage fantasy came true: a Cranberry Red SS396 came into my life...and my garage. An original Van Nuys built SS with factory air, original glass and metal.

After some long hours it now is equipped with a 496 Stroker, Wilwood brakes, and new tubular suspension front & rear.

Finally, I AM getting those jealous looks of other guys my age as I drive by. Dreams do come true.

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