Paul G 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 2dr Convertible

A fireman and his son's.

Like most car guys I have had gas and oil in my blood since my first minibike when I was 10, I'm 58 now and haven't missed a beat, ask my wife !! I have a photo album of 90% of all the cars and trucks I've owned and it's a big one !! Of all of them, my first true love was a1968 Camaro SS I bought in high school. I was the second owner, the first owner was the son of a Chevy dealer. He had blown the 350ci. motor and his father replaced it with a 1970 350ci. LT1. WOW did I have a blast with that car !! I did every thing to it, auto tranny to 4 speed Munci, 3:08 gears to 4:56, intake, carb., headers, wheels, tires, traction bars... I even took it to Islip, NY Speedway a few times an took a couple of trophies that I still have today. Well I had taken it all apart to redo everything and I met a girl. They say the two things that win a guy over are perfume and gasoline !! I SOLD the car, oh well. Life goes on, I marry, we have 4 awesome boys and I get the bug again !! I was a Fireman in New York City and had the time to spend with the boys and tinker on a car. From time to time they would even come to work with me. With the boys interested and eventually helping Dad, I had Nova's, Tri-5 Chevy's, Impala's, Jeep's, you name it. But I always missed that '68 Camaro, so my son's and I decided to find my old car !! We went back through paper work, my past memory of the sale, we even had a DMV search done which came up empty. One day I get a phone call from someone who bought it down the line, he parted it out, IT WAS GONE FOREVER !! Well the only thing to do was to search for a good one and enjoy it with my boys !! We looked all over, nothing, then we found a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS,396ci., convertible just some miles from home.We did this and that on it and just like ALL the other cars we always went for rides, ice cream, to shows, we always had a blast !! Well September 11, 2001 came and I got busy for quite a while and the car sat. As time went on three of my boys joined the service, I suppose that date in Sept. impacted everyone !! One is still in, one came home wounded and the other is out and fine !!!! The fourth is in college were he belongs ! The memories these cars have created for my boys and I puts a lump in my throat !! It's the little things that make us smile, like the word peanuts, the self tapping screw my son would be in charge of handing to me on a jeep restoration. A picture of my oldest and I just putting a license plate on and the grin on his face was priceless !!!! I still have the car and keep the memories close to my heart !!

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    Doreen home July 12, 2014 at 08:55
    Awesome story. Thank you for your service to FDNY! Great memories with your boys.... Hang on to that car she's a beauty!
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    Brian F NC July 12, 2014 at 21:39
    Ah the good old days! How I remember your '68 SS...and the cruising we did. Now you and your boys have memories to do my son and I! Great story Paul.
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    Paul G. NH July 13, 2014 at 16:57
    Your '70 burnt orange GTX with the 440 and the mystery shift and Fred's '70 Camaro SS with the 302. Your right oh those were the days !!
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    Paul G. NH July 13, 2014 at 16:59
    Your '70 burnt orange GTX with the 440 and the mystery shift and Fred's '70 Camaro SS with the 302. Your right oh those were the days !!

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