Mark H 1940 Ford Deluxe 2dr Coupe, 5-Window

A family of fine cars

When I was 10 years old a friend of my mother took me for a ride in his 40 Ford De Luxe Coupe. I fell in love with this car, he collected cars himself and had many others. Definitely faster ones too, including a 66 corvette. None of the other cars appealed to me like the looks of the 40 Ford. Definitely none of the others sounded as cool as the sound of the flathead V8. I talked him into driving it in a local parade with me in the passenger seat. This was truly a treat for me since we grew up fairly poor and I learned to appreciate some of the simplier things in life. When I went back to school a lot of my classmates recognized me in the 40 Ford from the parade. I felt like I was the "popular kid" for a day.

This was a feeling that never left me and I knew life was better in a classic car.

After marriage, house and kids of my own, I looked for a 40 coupe that had a "Flathead" and I could afford. This took 6 years to find and 8 years to restore. In the process I think I have my wife and daughters hooked also. Neither of my daughters are old enough to drive but they have their first cool cars. 1960 Falcon, 1996 Mustang convertable. My wife loves trucks and she searched a long time to find herself a 1974 Ford Bronco all manual, which she drives often to local shows. Our whole family is into cars and I feel very blessed.

I look forward to the day we can line up all four cars at a show.

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