Neal L 1960 Jaguar Mark IX 4dr Sedan

A day to remember, and never forget

The pictures are of myself, and my beloved Kathy, June 25, 1988, on our wedding day. I had purchased the car a few years earlier for a show car, but what a great way to be chauffeured to and from our best man did all of the driving.

Kathy was taken from me 9 years ago, the result of a car accident. How could I not share pictures from a day that meant so much to both of us !

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    stanley j gaby United States October 9, 2014 at 19:09
    I had a Mk 9 1961 in 1969 for one year. I loved the style so much that I bought another MK9 1961 four years ago. I finally paid it off in April and had it shipped from WPB. Fl. Tp Ct. Its fantastic. Everyone thinks it is about 1939 vintage. Surprise. Thank you Jaguar for keeping these vintage styles.

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