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A Special Wedding Present Indeed!

J. W. bought his first car in 1975, it was a 1972 AMC Javelin AMX coupe in bright Trans Am Red. I started dating Monica in 1976 and our first date was at Benton Harbor, Michigan's Holiday Inn. The truth of the matter was “the only reason she dated me was because of my car.”

We had so many memories in the 72 Javelin/AMX, some I can't put in this story! I will tell you one that at the time wasn't very special but makes us laugh every time we think about our spring break of 1976.

We decided to take a road trip, spring break to Daytona Beach Florida. Monica's brother and girlfriend decided to go with us. Ever try to pack luggage for 2 girls in a muscle car trunk? That was the first task. After 6 hours on the road the torque converter cracked in Lexington Kentucky! Four 17 year old teenagers stranded on the highway at 4 in the morning. None of the shops had this AMC part in stock. Had to wait 2 days. Having hotel reservations on the beach, we had a deadline to meet. The shop allowed me to work all night putting in the new torque converter in myself and we were back on the road. Drove all day and got us to our destination in Daytona Beach.

After a 5 year courtship in the 1972 Javelin/AMX, Monica and I decided to get married in June of 1981. The 1972 Javelin/AMX was our wedding car. Eventually a couple of children came into our lives and it was time to sell the AMX. I like so many other car people, I regretted the decision for years and always wished I had it back!

For the past 5 or 6 years I have been looking for a similar Javelin/AMX to surprise my wife on our wedding anniversary. I found one similar a 1974 model for sale in Cordova, Tennessee.

It is the same Trans Am Red. It has the identical black and red interior. Like the 1972 model, the replacement Javelin has the 360 c.i. V-8 producing 285 h.p. The only differences from his first car is that the 1974 model has gold, not white tape stripes, (1974 MODEL HAS WHITE T STRIPE ON THE HOOD , NOT GOLD LIKE HIS ORIGINAL 1972 MODEL) the 1974 has a (WHITE) vinyl roof and the newer model has slightly different taillights. Sight unseen, I had the car shipped to St. Joseph.

On our 31st anniversary, I invited Monica to dinner. As we were getting ready to depart our house, our son Cory drove up with the replacement 1974 Javelin AMX. The smile on my wife's face was priceless!

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    Traci Michigan July 11, 2014 at 12:57
    What a great anniversary gift. Well done.

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