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A Soldier calls home to "Sell the Charger"

2nd grade an orange muscle car slides around dirt road corners swiftly outrunning its white police pursuer. I asked my dad what kind of car is that? HE didn’t answer talking to friends at a dinner party. I stood up tugged on his work shirt and repeated myself wanting to know before a commercial come on! To which he replied with a smile, that’s a Charger, a 69 Charger.

My jr year of high school 2007 I bought my dream car for $6000.

My Mom, Dad, and I did not have the money. My called me and then excused me from school with a family emergency at 8AM. Told me to fuel up my truck, drive out to Boyd, Montana and NOT LEAVE until my Dad showed up. The car was mine.

2.5 hours later amidst getting lost 3 times, several phone calls to the seller for directions and pulling over to inspect what I thought was a dead 4 speed transmission in my 1977 F150 4x4 460 4 speed long box reg cab I arrived.

Greeted happily by an old woman who was happy I had finally found her. We exchanged life stories and she especially noted that over the years she couldn’t tell me the number of people who had spotted this car in their field and tried to buy it. Beside a barn, tucked in between two semi trailers beneath a tattered golden yellow cotton car cover was a grille divider peering out at me.

The entire day I spent with this nice old lady, I had to know why she was selling it. Her son serving in over seas duty in Afghanistan called home to finally sell the Charger so he could buy a brand new Camaro when he got home. (fine by me! I wasn’t about to argue!)

Around 3:30 my Dad showed up with a bankers check for $6,000 to buy the Charger for me.

They had spent the day fighting loan officers to make my dream come true. I worked especially hard that summer and paid them back every penny.

Sitting in my drive way finally home with my 1969 Dodge Charger SE 383 Magnum 727 which since had a 1967 440 transplanted into it by previous owners. Hail damaged to high heaven, needing trunk and rear lower quarter panel s and valences, I had my dream car.

Not many people can say they know the single happiest moment in their life; but I do, and I have a picture of it.

Ps it ran on 7 cylinders and ripped its own exhaust off on the rental U-Haul trailer!!! Hahahah

I drove it Jr and Sr year of high school, and then for some time after school till I spun a main bearing in the engine, I had the oem727 built for nitrous, a machined 1978 440 sitting on the engine stand wrapped in thick black garbage bags. With every single part (except rockers) to complete its new heart. 528 cui dual quad with nitrous on 376cfm aluminum heads!

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