Steven F 1974 Datsun 260Z 2dr Coupe

A Ride In Daddy's Z

On a really beautiful late morning fall day, my then 8 year old daughter says to me, daddy, lets go for a ride in your Z car. It was a bit cold and since my heat doesn't work, I worked with my daughter to brew up a batch of hot chocolate and then we got bundled up and went out to the garage. I asked her where she wanted to go and she said, lets to to Brooklyn, where you used to live since the night before, I was telling the family stories of my life in the city. Well, Brooklyn was a bit far so we took a drive to a community I used to live in about an hour away in NJ. Alexa never gets to sit in any front seat except daddy's Z so it's always a treat not having to look at the back of a headrest and it always shows in her face. It's hard to keep your eyes on the road when you're constantly looking over to catch a smile on your daughters face.

After about an hour of driving through some very scenic back roads, we got to my former community, Scenic Lakes in Vernon Nj and stopped at the beach for some hot chocolate which is where I took the attached picture. We talked about the hockey I played on the frozen lake, the dock we used to jump off of In the summer, and even the time I got caught throwing eggs at cars.

After a refill or two to warm our bones, I noticed the bus stop where I used to catch the bus to HS. She asked me if we could drive to my HS to which I said of course.

So back into daddy's Z and off we went. When we got to Vernon Twp HS, it was me that was amazed at all the changes. New tennis courts, soccer field and parking lots. I barely recognized it. It was a Saturday so the place was eerily empty. No going home again huh!!!

Soon after we left, Alexa reached over and held my hand and gave me such a sweet smile before she fell asleep.

When we got home, she ran inside and started telling my wife all about our trip and I saw him much my past matters so much to my future.

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