Herbert T 1966 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

A Mustang full of leaves!

Hi Hagerty. Consider this my "Mustang Story" about my car.

After owning a very nice 66 coupe in the 90's and having to sell it later, I vowed to have another Mustang some day. 20 years later, I bought a 1966 convertible, Springtime Yellow, automatic, console, and power nothing. A true 20 footer, looks nice if you don't get too close.

I purchased it from a person about a 2-1/2 hour drive away, thankfully almost all on interstate 40. I recruited my brother to go with me, jumped in my '04 F-150 along with jumper cables, oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze. We picked the car up and took off. It was a sunny spring day and I was getting a little warm. Then I remembered the outside air vent. (Apparently, no one had opened it in years) With the widow down, I yanked the knob. About a bushel of leaves, pine needles, and dirt covered me up and filled the interior. My phone rang and my laughing brother (following in the truck) said "what the (heck) happened?" He said it looked like a leaf bomb went off! He also said the old top was blowing up like a balloon and looked ridiculous!

We got home ok and I have replaced many things, including the top, Took me about about a year to ever get all the leaves out. The 200 never fails to start, runs smooth, and weeps a little oil, but doesn't smoke. Everyone loves the car. I love the big block muscle Mustangs, but we really enjoy this car.

Thanks, Herb Taylor

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