Douglas L 1930 Ford Model A 2dr Tudor Sedan

A Michigan Blizzard Couldn’t Stop my 1930 Model 'A' Ford

During the Winter of 1966-67 southern Michigan was hit with a blizzard of greater than normal precipitation. My home town of Jackson, Michigan was one of those communities affected by this storm. The morning after the storm, Jackson residents were greeted with nearly two feet of snow on the ground, but the sky had cleared up overnight and the day dawned with a bright blue sky. Vehicular traffic in the city had nearly come to a halt, but I was curious as to how well my 1930 Ford Model ‘A’ tudor sedan would do in the deep snow. I made a call to my fiancé Sandy (who became my wife a year later) to see how her mom’s neighborhood fared with the snowfall. I told her that I might drive the Ford over for a visit.

By lunchtime, I mustered up enough courage to take the challenge of driving my Model ‘A’ over to see Sandy. I found out quickly that my car could easily navigate the snow-covered streets of Jackson. The Model ‘A’ performed great!! Within a half hour, I pulled into Sandy’s mom’s drive (which she had already shoveled out for me!) and I proudly stood on the running board while she took a photo of me with my car (see attached photo). After taking her for a short ride in the snow, I dropped her back off at her mom’s and I headed home to my folks’ house to clean out our driveway. Afterwards, I took another photo of my Model 'A' (see attached) as a reminder of what Michigan weather can be like; but as severe as that blizzard was, it didn’t stop my Ford!

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