Ferdinand L 1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 2dr Coupe

A Little Nutty!

I had gotten a date with one of the popular girls in High School, she was quite attractive, and into sports. We were going to play tennis for the first time. We were in my 1976 Pontiac Trans Am, side pipes, 4 speed, Cragar Mags, the whole works. As were were leaving to play, we were just listening to music, and talking when suddenly, a chipmunk appeared on the arm rest next to her! It was simply sitting there with an acorn in its hands looking at us. She screamed and I was startled. The chipmunk was quite calm. I quickly pulled over, ran around the car and opened the door, Mr. Chipmunk ran off into the woods and I never heard from him again. After a moment, my date started laughing hysterically, and so did I.

That little guy must have found a way into the vehicle through some rust hole I didn't know about. I'll never forget that ride.

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