Dennis L 1963 Mercedes-Benz 220SEb 2dr Coupe

A Krispy Coupe

George had maintained his 1963 MB 220SEb coupe immaculately. It really was his "child" as he had never had any children of his own. He worked for a shipping line and had ordered it and had it shipped from Stuttgart. Of all the other cars he drove, George always told me the 220 coupe was his favorite. It had certainly received the best treatment and maintenance, as I soon discovered, when George called me to come pick up "my" car. His health had declined to the point where he could not drive any longer, and he wanted me to have his car. All original, after a bath to remove the dust, this thing looked like new!

I got a couple of friends and we flew out from Detroit to L.A., took a cab to George's house and picked up the 1963 MB 220SEb coupe, beginning our 2300 mile trip back home to MI. As we took in a few local sights, we also stopped to "fuel up" at a Krispy Kreme. (There weren't any in MI at the time). We bought a dozen glazed raised and set out on our journey with the donut box in the rear window. We were enjoying all the "thumbs-ups" and the many smiles we were getting from passing motorists, and didn't miss an opportunity to share about our "new" gem. After stopping once in the desert to replace a leaking radiator cap, we put up for the night. The next day saw us heading up over the Rockies. We took our time getting up the hills with the four cylinder fuel-injected "sewing machine" not balking a bit! As we reached the summit, we stopped for a stretch and gas fill-up. Going inside the convenience store we were met with the usual questions about the classic. Finally one college age "ski bum" came up to my friend John and asked "Who owns that car out there?" John smiles really big and begins to tell him about all about the car, when he is interrupted by the young man who asks, "Can I have a Krispy Kreme?" not really interested in the story of the car at all! We all got a good laugh out of that one! All he wanted was a donut, and he had a huge smile when he got one!

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