Will P 1937 Packard Series 115-C 4dr Sedan

A 42 year love affair

When I was around 10 years old, an older gentleman used to park his beautiful automobile across the street from our Church and wait for his wife to come out after the Sunday morning service. It was shiny black and had 4 doors. I would walk around that car with absolute lust in my heart, wishing it was mine. One day I asked the owner what year it was and he said it's a 1937 Packard. He let me stand on the running board and look at the dashboard. I was hopelessly in love. I remember being sad thinking that when I finally turn 17 and get my drivers license, that, surly, none of these grand old cars would be around anymore for me to buy one. Fast forward to the year 1971. I am now 24 years old. I stopped to see my longtime friend, Joe, and I mentioned that I saw an old black car for sale on Clinton Avenue, and that I believe it's a 1937 Packard. I told him that a For Sale sign was written backwards on a side window in orange crayon and it only gave his phone number. Joe said, "That's Scotty's car.He's moving to Australia soon and needs to sell the car for some extra traveling money, and wants $600 for it." I couldn't get to a phone fast enough. Scotty answered the phone and confirmed that he wanted $600 to pay off a $2000 loan he took out to buy the car. I told him I wanted it, as soon as possible! He said to meet him at the gas station where he works at 8AM the next morning with the money and we will go pay off the loan and he will sign the title over to me. That night was the first and last night in my life that I couldn't sleep a wink. I was getting my dream car! Scotty was about 20 minutes late getting to the gas station and my hopes were starting to dwindle. But then, I saw the old black car way out in the distance coming towards me. Gees, I was beyond excited! We went to the bank and did the transaction and I followed Scotty to my house to drop off the Packard. I then gave him a ride home and drove back to my house thinking that maybe I imagined this whole thing. But, wait. No, there it was sitting in my driveway just as proud and as stately as only a Packard can be. I hadn't even driven it yet. Scotty asked me if I wanted to drive it and I said no, it's not necessary. I immediately went to Motor Vehicle and registered my new car and drove it that afternoon to my Junior College. I have been driving it ever since. It's gone thru a few metamorphoses over the years, including one severe total of the car by a drunk driver in 1994. It has been updated with many creature comforts and I am STILL working on it. I guess it will never really be finished. That's O.K. as I am retired now and have the time to fiddle with it. I like to think that perhaps this is the elderly gentleman's car that I first fell in love with. I have owned many cars over the years, both before and after the Packard, but this one stays with me, till death do we part. Thanks Scotty!

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