Jim D 1976 Triumph Spitfire 1500 2dr Convertible

76 Spitfire Facelift

I have owned my 76 Triumph Spitfire for over 20 years now and it needed some TLC. I was hesitant to do all of the work myself. I did not know if I would be able to do a good job but you can look up how to do anything on the internet.

I started on the rear end replacing the U joints, and rear brake drums and shoes. I rebuilt the swing spring and installed polymer thrust buttons between the leaves. Now I no longer have the dreaded Spitfire drivers side sag.

Next I replaced the wheel bearings, bushings, trunions, tie rod ends, rotors and pads. I also installed new shocks and aftermarket lowering springs. The lower A arms are now parallel to the ground and the front end has lowered to match the refurbished rear end.

While I was doing research on the internet I found many great sites with useful tips. The best tip by far was to remove the rear bumper and take it apart. Under the huge black plastic underiders and big thick chrome center section was a very nice thin chromed bumper. I bolted the small chrome bumper back on to the rear of the car and now you can see the black chrome trim that the old bumper hid from view.

The front end bumper had large black underiders that I replaced with new smaller Euro style ones. They meshed with the grill and look much better than the old double D ones!

I had a new set of 175/70R13 tires installed and balanced and did an alignment as well.

Inside I installed a new dash overlay and refurbished the steering wheel.

I detailed the entire car, tool it to a local show and ended up second in the Spitfire class!

I really enjoyed doing all of the work myself. Now I am looking for another spitfire project car. I plan on doing a body off full restoration.

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