Petra B 1967 VW Kombi

7 Long Years

A dream that started in 1981 and a bid on eBay for a 1967 VW Kombi in 2007. Finally, I would be driving the vehicle of my dreams! Hold on! The VW won't drive? No problem ... a flatbed ride from Connecticut to the Oshawa Airport for customs and finally, arriving in my driveway. Well, it didn't look quite like it did online but here it was! Surely, a mechanical check up and I would be on my way. Well, not quite. The VW was at the mechanic for close to a year ... parts were difficult to come by and the job was being done when there was time. The upholstery man helped with the interior but had a breakdown (not due to the VW!) during the process but finally finished the job minus a rusted out driver seat. The body work and paint took another year along with sourcing new bumpers. Little bits and pieces were put together by another company that found someone to make a new seat. In the end, an expert in VW and European vehicles took over, found the remaining parts, put in a new exhaust and transmission and really got it going!

Finally, my beautiful purple 1967 VW Kombi was ready to go ... what a dream to drive this beautiful vehicle! We packed a picnic lunch and were off to Wicklow Beach along Highway 2. Peace signs and honking met us the entire way ... cars turned around and followed us to talk about the Kombi.

The first drive in my dream vehicle is the most memorable ... all the people that helped me along the journey were remembered ... I couldn't get the smile off my face! I drive it everyday now and I am still smiling!

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