tom p 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

67 restoration

Got a ride home from high school in 1964 white vette ,only time I ever was in corvette until after 45 years of waiting finally got my dream vette- 67 327/350 (ermine white/black interior) , 2 regional top flights -- options : 4sp , side pipes tinted glass, am/fm radio, hard top. Coming home from car show hit bump hard. At regular service noted what appeared small crack in frame. Ended up taking body off and service manager said "its just like building a house before the dry wall is put up, should consider getting all mechanicals etc. up to snuff". Well ended up with full NCRS level chassis restoration. Documented everything in photos, the first photo shows restored car. I didn't repaint as I wanted to drive the car and not worry about paint chips.

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