Michael I

55 Photo shoot

I wanted a picture of a cute girl pretending she was shining the car so I asked a friend if she would be in one. She replyed sure and added I have a friend with a real nice camera. Come on down by my house and we'll take some picture's. So one saturday afternoon me and one of my buddy's drove down to where she lived. It was kind of a industreal area along a river. Well we got down there and pulled the car up along the most beat up building we could find and started taking pictures well we got a few minuets into the shoot when my buddy hits me and sez look up. There were a number of guys hanging out the upper windows of this building watching and one of them had a video camera. then we look over and here is a military style boat on the river and the whole gun whale was lined up with guys watching, yelling and rooting us on. all we could do was smile an laugh. we finished up the shoot and the girls gave me a smart card with a bunch of pictures and sent us on our way. As we're rumbling the hot rod back to my neiborhood my buddy tells me "wow man this was the best day ever". I had to agree we did have fun...

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