Rick J 1965 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Landau Special Coupe

5 Alarm Scare

It was 3:00 O'clock in the morning and I was coming home from a date in my 65 T-bird. I was cruzin on a desolate stretch of Birkshire Valley Road, in the black of night, when I smelled something burning. I pulled over and opened the hood. To my surprise my engine was on fire. I took off my jacket and tried to beat it out, but the flames were rising higher and higher. I decided to back off and let it burn. I didn't want to be close if it blew up. To my surprise, I heard a hissing sound, and the flames were going down. As I inspected it I found that the flames burned a hole in the heater hose, releasing water that put out the flames. I was only three miles from home so I decided to try to start it. To my amazement, it started right up and I preceded down the road. One mile away from home I heard the sound of a siren. It was a firetruck coming toward me. I watched as it passed by. At this point my 65 had leaked too much water and was now overheating. I pulled over less than a mile away from home. I couldn't leave the car there, so at 3:30 I spotted a house with its lights on. I knocked on the door. I heard a voice, "What do you want." the woman said.

" I know it's late but my car is stuck, can you call the cops." She agreed and I returned to my T-bird. The Cops came and the first thing the Officer said was, We've been looking for you all night," referring to the fire engine driving by. I got a $50 tow home and vowed to only drive Chevys. I found out later that the fire was caused by the transmission. It was blowing transmission fluid on to the exhaust manifold.

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