Chris K 1972 Mercury Cougar 2dr Convertible

4th of July parade of dreams

My Dad was a car enthusiast my entire life but as I grew older the collection of classic cars grew as well. He loved to show off his girls as he called them and had a name for every car in his collection from Cathy the Cougar to Priscilla the Packard. The biggest day of the year for my family was the 4th of July as my Dad had every one of his 24 cars in the annual parade. The day started for me at 6:00 am with a towel and bucket in hand and by the start of the parade at 11:00 am I could barely move my right arm from cleaning and detailing every car. Friends, family and anyone else he trusted to drive was at the barn around 10:00 to find out what classic they could call their own for the next couple of hours and from there the fun began. As with any collection of classic cars no day goes as smooth as expected but every July 4th still holds those special memories for my family and I as the "parade of dreams". William J. Klage passed away April 16, 2007 and may he rest in peace. Love you Dad!!

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