cliff t 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air 4dr Sedan

49 Years Married ,guess my 4 Dr.sedan wasn't a turn off

When ,we first met I was driving a 53 Black chevy sedan,modified,head milled 30 thousands,dual exhaust,removed the Auto.Trans.put in a old truck standard trans ,pedals linkage Hurst Shifter.I Dragged Raced at Fonda Speedway in New York,CHA CHA Muldony was dragging Mustangs at that time,great fun.Well my girlfriend ,who is my wife now lived 38 miles from my house.One night I drove down to pick her and two of her girl friends up and drive up to Thompson Lake Hotel in the Helderberg Mts. to dance with the gang.I had trouble with the clutch and blew first and reverse gear.We still nursed it there and back.I drove it home 38 miles and when I looked under the car in the morning i couldn't believe the bottom of the transmission was gone and that car got me home with out a problem try that now adays.I had an old 49 Mercury in the fields on a farm,so I took it out and swapped the plates till I could buy another Tranny.I'm 71 years old and still am a Motor Head,I drive a 30'Essex Sedan with a 454 C.I. Chevy's that for never Growing Up?

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