gene g 1979 El Camino

1963 Studebaker

My best memory of a classic car was when I was fourteen. I had ridden my bicycle to my best friend, Danny's, house to see his older brother Bob's new "old" car. I was a stock Studebaker, ebony-colored and lovingly cared for. It was a jewel of American steel, chrome and design, blended into a true work of art. Even to this day, when I see a similar car, my heart leaps with excitement. We asked Bob lots of questions while he adjusted the carburetor and he answered them all. Then we rode around our little town located just north of Boston. I'll never forget the fun we had that day.

We both grew older and went on our separate ways. Danny became a mechanic and I became an artist. Whenever we got together, the main topic of discussions was what car we were restoring at the moment. Our talks always met in the middle, with appreciation of function and form of the classic American automobile.

My friendship with my friend Danny and our love of the classic American automobile has never wavered. My art school education has enabled me to appreciate the finer points of car design, color choice, and detail. Our mutual love of cars has enabled me to have a lifelong friendship that I cherish still, even though Danny passed away recently.

Over the years I have owned several classic cars, the present one is an El Camino, but my first love was that Studebaker.

So with 30-weight in my veins, and an art brush in my hands, I say, "long live the Studebaker!"

sonny g

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