Peter K 1959 Imperial Imperial Custom Southhampton 2dr Hardtop Coupe

1959 Imperial (home for Racoons)

In 1988 I was looking at that State newspaprer and seen a '59 Imperial Custom Coupe listed. I called and found the owner rented a barn not near where he lived and was full of old cars he was selling. What he did not tell you is they were there for decades. Kids broke the vent windows, forced down the windows and stole the AM radios. He did not visit the barn often and the cars took on new occupants. When I looked at the blue car the first time the mud from the racoons turned the windows and rear quarters brown from them walking along the fins to get into the broken car window.

I was not told about the racoons when viewing the car was jumped when I opened the trunk to find a family of racoons. They were not happy to see me. They shreded the entire interior and even took chunks out of the rubber brake pedal.

Aside from the obvious complete restoration needed, I fell in love with the styling of the car. It looked like a manufactures show car. From the "toothy" grill to the long rear quarter fins. The car was purchased for $500. The day it was dropped off at a gas station on a flat bed I heard alot of laughs and comments, but that did not deter me.

The interior was "shoveled" out of the car, engine and transmission was rebuilt. Knowing people who were experts helped me in the rebuilding process. The entire restoration was completed in one year. The first car show attended with my friend in his popular '58 Impala. Many people looked at my car and not so much at his popular car. At the end of the day I looked at him and smiled knowing the Imperial had been prefered to his car.

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