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1959 Corvette Thrill Ride...or how I almost wet myself!

OK, picture this. A ten-year-old boy who had grown up around hot rods, drag racers and simply is a car nut. His father's best friend's wife is also a hot-rodder. Her name was Sandra and her brother raced for the then renowned Rod Shop Dodge team...he built and drove the flagship Colt Wagon.

Anyway, I'm visiting my father's friends when Sandra asks me if I want to test out the Corvette's new engine (built by her brother, Ray, of Rod Shop Dodge fame). I say "OK" because any ride in a Corvette is a thrill for a 10 year old.

This car was special, a black on black 1959 'Vette with those classic French taillights. Under the hood, I have no idea what Ray stuffed in there; all I know is when Sandra stopped on a country road near their home with me in the passenger seat and said, "OK, let's see what she can do", I was terrified.

She came to full stop, put the Corvette in 1st gear, revved up - dropped the clutch and I suddenly felt my backbone being sucked out of my body! The smell of burnt rubber and smoke filled the car and just when I thought it couldn't get any scarier, she hit second gear...shortly after 3rd and 4th. This car accelerated like a rocket ship and scared the living hell of me.

I'll never forget that ride and how Sandra lit the Corvette up on that country road. I've ridden in many muscle cars and owned a few along the years, but none frightened me near as much as that black '59!!


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